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MGB309 Managing Strategically

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MGB309 Managing Strategically



Tassal Background:
Glenda Tsang, the Senior Partner you work for, liked your client situation report and provided some really good feedback. You were also impressed by the diversity in and quality of ideas from your fellow teammates. Glenda has now instructed your team to agree on what the key issues to be addressed are and then develop recommendations on how to address them. You need to develop a set of recommendations that are substantiated with clear justification based on your analysis, for:

Client’s short terms actions, and Medium-long term actions Glenda will be out of the office for 5 weeks working on a major project in the USA.
Before she leaves, she provides the following instructions to you:
What you need to do is a “strategic recommendations and presentation slides”

You need to include:
SMART Problem Statement/Goal – almost always you need to define a problem statement. To ensure your recommendations focus on the company’s needs, reflect the main challenges, and point towards the necessary analysis you they need to be stated as SMART.

Provide a set of recommendations for each issue, including

Alternative options considered
Decision criteria utilized to evaluated options

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