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MGMT 490 Strategic Management

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MGMT 490 Strategic Management

Write a pape responding to any two of the following questions. Choose a born-global firm and describe its operations. Where does it obtain key resources and capabilities, products, and countries of sale? How is this firm born-global versus an international firm? What makes this born-global firm successful?

Choose one country from the Priority Watch List from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Special Report. If the developments defined in the report had not been implemented by that country, what would be the ramifications for the United States?

Read “Twelve Principles of BOP Innovation” . Describe a product adaptation that could be successfully marketed in a specific poor country. How would the product help the local population to increase their standard of living? What challenges would the marketer need to overcome? How would this be accomplished? Should international firms attempt to sell in BOP markets? Is it worth the time and trouble? Why or why not?

How do the four Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, place) differ in international markets?

GE Appliances Company uses a multiple-brand strategy for selling its products internationally (vs. a global brand). As a brand manager, what are the critical decision points in global marketing? How does this strategy contribute to the firm being successful in different countries? Should most international firms use a global brand strategy? Why or why not?

Choose a product or company and explain how the product adaptation (customized) helps the company succeed in foreign markets versus using straight product extension (standardized)? Why is it important to adapt products to local markets? [MO 6.6] Using the Johnson & Johnson website, click on “Procurement” in the left column under Our Company. As a materials sourcing manager, what are the advantages and disadvantages of multisourcing raw materials for the manufacture of this international firm’s products versus sole-sourcing from one country? Should international firms attempt to mainstream procurement of materials by sole-sourcing?

Using the Caterpillar website, select a country under Americas, Asia Pacific, or EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East). How does Caterpillar distribute its products in the region you selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using such a method over the other types of distribution strategies? [MO 6.8] As top manager of an export firm, review the International Trade Administration website and choose a program from the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) to help the firm expand into foreign markets. How would this program help the firm acquire foreign customers?

Heinz Company manufactures thousands of food products in plants on six continents and markets in more than 200 countries. Review the Kraft Heinz brand and explain how this local assembly strategy of production creates efficient distribution to its foreign markets. Describe a firm that produces in the host country. Should international firms produce in their home country and export all products abroad? 

As an export manager for an international firm, review CTPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. Contemplate whether or not you would join as a partner with Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and explain your justification.

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