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MGT 6318 Strategic Management

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MGT 6318 Strategic Management

1. Make sure you actually CONNECT the example/context with the strategy framework and tools you are applying (from this week).And then try to say something interesting or insightful about what’s going on (you have leeway here to be creative and take intellectual risks). Please make sure you have responded adequately to the discussion prompt provided.
2. Please ensure that the links you provide relate to the company/organization (and the specific issue within it) that you are discussing. You need to provide a link even if you are discussing your own company/organization. If you do not have such a link, please find a different example/company for your assignment.
3. We want you to learn through this exercise. To this end, do not pick an example or context that has already been discussed in the week’s lecture video.
4. At the bottom of your reaction post, please include links (a minimum of one) to your source material(s). You must ensure that this link is accessible (not broken, not behind a pay wall) so that your classmates can access it.
5. Use professional language throughout, and make sure you write the “reaction” well, with clear organized sentences. Think of it like a professional note/blog or email.
6. You have to post your reaction post before you can see your peers’ reaction posts.
7. If you are unsatisfied with your reaction post, please post your new reaction post by replying to your original reaction post.
8. The last reaction post attempt will be graded, and the first two interaction post attempts will be graded.

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