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MGT601 Masters Honours Research

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MGT601 Masters Honours Research




Leadership is a journey undertaken by an individual entrusted with the task of directing others towards a shared objective (Kashyap, 2017). It is a regularly shown pattern of behavior with specific goals. On the other hand, leadership does not always mean power. It is “fluid, dynamic and responsive to the physical and personal situation either in anticipation or during an event” (Ogulnick, 2014, p.11).
The following is a self-reflective report on my leadership experience thus far. It describes the situations and events in which I have exhibited my leadership abilities, as well as those I have influenced and those who have influenced and inspired me. In addition, I am analyzing and assessing the leadership case that I am presenting “Trait leadership theory” and principles as well as “Cognitive theory”.  This report contains the outcomes and reflections of three psychometric tests (16 Personalities, Gallup Strength Finder, and color personality test), which were selected by the facilitator and my partner (Kiranjeet Kaur), who provided me with valuable feedback on my journey, as well as the results that I am certain will apply to my career path, which will be also reflected in this report.

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