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MKTG1041 Marketing Communication

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MKTG1041 Marketing Communication


In early 2021, granddaughter Juliana took over Oliveira as the new Chief Executive Officer. While young, Juliana has worked in the fashion industry her entire life. She has seen the importance of sustainability and recognises the important role that slow fashion will play in the next decade. Juliana describes slow fashion as manufacturing which respects people, environment and animals and the opposite of fast fashion. She has set her sights on generating growth through innovation, and longer term, wants Oliveira to become a top 10 bespoke jeans brand in the world. To achieve this goal, Juliana began looking for a marketing communications expert to analyse the brand, with the view to launching a new product in early 2022. As part of RMIT’s LinkedIn involvement, Juliana became  aware of the significant positive impact that Marketing Communications students were having on the product development and marketing communications environment in Australia and she was impressed by your resume. Congratulations, you are the newly appointed “Marketing Communications Manager” for Oliveira

After undertaking a thorough analysis of the situation facing Oliveira in the jeans brand category, you realise that bespoke jean customers are particularly brand loyal to their favourite brand, once they find a brand they like, they tend to stick with it. They can also be loyal to a particular style. Existing Oliveira customers (75% of whom are women) love and have a deep connection with the brand, inpart due to Oliveira’s country-of-origin and family-oriented emotional advertising. However, Oliveira customers have not had much of a product choice. The company has always produced three main styles for women, high waisted, relaxed fit and flared. For men, they make two styles, straight leg and slim cut. Apart from their brief, unsuccessful, foray into bubble skirts, they have only made jeans, no other denim garments.

Section A:

This section contains two compulsory questions. You are required to answer both of these questions in the order given. Each question is worth 18 marks in total. Please read each question carefully and answer what is specifically asked. Clearly state any assumptions you make.

Question One

You have a solid grounding in marketing communications theory and practice, but you feel that some of your Oliveira team aren’t sure what you mean when you talk about “marketing communications”. You decide to provide your team with a briefing to make sure that everyone understands.

a) Present your definition of marketing communications and explain in detail two of the main concepts within that definition (you may choose any two). Use examples (either from Oliveira or from other companies, products or services) to explain your definition and two chosen concepts.
b) In looking through the past and current marketing strategy documents for Oliveira you realisethat there doesn’t seem to be a clear idea of the target audience. This is a serious omission. Identify and define the target audience for Oliveira for either Padrão Estilizado (styled or changed pattern) or Estilo Sustentável (sustainable style).
c) Explain the value of segmenting customers. Explain the key bases for segmentation you could consider when identifying the optimal target audience for a new launch campaign for either Padrão Estilizado or Estilo Sustentável, and why?
Question Two

You realise the importance of developing a clear message strategy for Oliveira given the cost to reputation and branding the company has already experienced. You have carried out some preliminary market research which has led to the development of several insights and you are now considering the creative brief elements.

a) Something you feel has been missing from Oliveira’s previous marketing campaigns is a clear positioning strategy and key benefit claim. One of your team is not familiar with these terms. First discuss the importance of positioning and write a positioning statement for Oliveira; then explain what a key benefit claim is and write one for either Padrão Estilizado (styled or changed pattern) or Estilo Sustentável (sustainable style). Explain your answer.
b) Select either Padrão Estilizado or Estilo Sustentável and explain if a hedonic or utilitarian appeal would be most appropriate and why.
c) One of your team is worried that directing market offerings to particular consumer segments may raise ethical dilemmas. How will you address your team member’s concerns?
Section B

This section contains two questions. You are required to answer ONE of the two questions. Answer the sub questions in the order given and clearly mark which question you are attempting. Each question is worth 14 marks in total. Please read each question carefully and answer what is specifically asked. Clearly state any assumptions you make.

Question One

In your experiences with integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaigns you have seen endorsers used very well and very badly.

a) Discuss the role of endorsers in IMC campaigns. What types of endorsers can be used in marketing communications plans? Outline the characteristics of each type of endorser and their ability to influence consumer behaviour.
b) What major issues regarding the selection of an endorser does Oliveira need to consider before making an offer to a potential endorser? Do you believe Oliveira should include endorsers in either or both of the new product ideas?

Oliveria has historically focussed on traditional marketing, but the rise in social media channels has also seen the rise of a new type of endorser: the so-called ‘social media influencer’.

c) Using your knowledge of social media influencers, explain the categories of nano, micro, macro and mega influencers. Are any of these categories of social media influencer suitable for either Padrão Estilizado (styled or changed pattern) or Estilo Sustentável (sustainable style)?
Question Two

A well designed launch campaign for each new product line is going to be critical for success.

a) Both Padrão Estilizado (styled or changed pattern) and Estilo Sustentável (sustainable style) can be seen as ‘new’, therefore, successfully communicating adoption related characteristics is important. With regard to the strategic adoption factors, which one would you recommend highlighting with priority in appropriate and ethical marketing communication activities. Explain why you chose that factor and how you would recommend utilising it in a campaign for either Padrão Estilizado or Estilo Sustentável.?

The marketing communication mix involves all the tools that can be used to communicate with both current customers and potential customers. In looking through Oliveria’s marketing materials, you realise that no one has ever applied the marketing communication mix to this firm.

b) Describe and define the marketing communication mix. Apply the marketing communication mix elements to Oliveira. What marketing communications mix tools do you think are important, not as important, not important at all, for both the new jeans product proposals (Padrão Estilizado and Estilo Sustentável). Be sure to explain and justify your reasons. What further work is needed to fine tune your suggested communications mix tools?

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