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MN3010 Business Simulation

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MN3010 Business Simulation

Learning outcomes assessed:

1. Critically examine the interrelationships between, marketing, operations, finance and sales

2. Analyse the factors that affect business performance

3. Apply strategic management concepts to a practical business simulation
Write an executive report form covering the following core topics:

1. Analysis deeply, and examine the interrelationship between different functional areas such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Sales within your Phone Venture case study business, and determine the  impact of this interrelationship on the business. 

2. Determine and discuss in details the factors you think, will affect the performance of your Phone Venture case study business? How will these factors affect your business? and Why?

3. Determine and discuss the strategic management concepts that you think, in your business plan for your Simulation Phone Venture, can be applied within your business, what are the suitable means through which they will be applied?

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