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MOS 4405F Airport Planning And Management

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MOS 4405F Airport Planning and Management



Your role is that of a consultant to the airport you have selected. The airport should be facing a ‘challenging decision’ about its future that you have been asked to provide recommendations.
Task 1
Choose an airport that you find particularly interesting. You must choose an airport that falls within one of the categories posted on OWL. If in doubt feel free to ask if your airport fits 
Task 2 
Task 2A. Basic description and Identifying Challenging Decision.
Perform a search on your airport and identify key basic descriptive characteristics. What type of operations are conducted at the airport? Who is the dominant carrier / airport user? How would you categorize / classify the airport (as discussed in class / textbook)? How does the airport fit into the local, national, and international airport systems (are there multiple airports in the local airport system? Is the airport a hub?) How does the airport relate to its local community – who are the key stakeholders and how are they (if they are) represented?Include a preliminary indication of the ‘challenging decision’ that you will be providing a recommendation on. (you are free to change and adjust as the term progresses). Sketch out what analyses (but don’t perform yet) you think you will need to develop recommendation(s).
Task 2B. Regulatory and Financial characteristics.
1. What organization regulates the airport, are there key / important / unique regulations that dictate decisions made by the airport?2. What is the ownership structure of the airport? Who operates the airport (is it different from the owner?) How does the airport generate revenue (does it primarily generate revenue from air operations (landing / terminal charges or from retail /rent?)? What are its biggest expenses? What does its latest financial statements tell you about its financial condition (making/losing money, what investments have been made recently (financial details, not operational details for moment)?Sketch out a plan for when you will do any analyses related to airport finances that are needed for developing a recommendation to the ‘challenging decision’.
Task 2C
Describe how the airport operates. What are the main runways? How many terminals? Are there unique / interesting characteristics of the terminal layout? Are all users treated equally? Are there local noise procedures? Are there terminal or runway or environmental specific operating conditions? What facilities are there for ground access? Cargo facilities? What unique operational constraints are present? What capacity constraints exist? Start developing sections of the report that will describe the ‘challenging decision’ facing the airport and the methods you are using to develop recommendations. Update your plan on analyses related to airport finances. Sketch out a plan for when you will do any analyses related to airport operations that are needed for developing a recommendation to the ‘challenging decision’.
Task 2D. Airports Future.
Establish the context for the airports future. What forecasts can you find that are relevant to the airport (either airport specific or regionally, nationally, internationally)? How do they relate to and explain current expansion plans at the airport? What strategic plans does the airport have?

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