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NRE 167 Integrated Watershed Management

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NRE 167 Integrated Watershed Management

1. Type an abstract of the article using your OWN WORDS in two paragraphs. Write two paragraphs in which your share your thoughts (reflection) on what you read and the effects it would have on business. Paragraphs consist of 3-4 sentences.
2. What is the key point the article is trying to emphasize? Problem? Opportunities?
3. How would you define Rob Carter’s leadership style? Participative? Consultative? Autocratic? Support your discussion.
4. FEDEX spends $4.0 billion per year on IT; what competitive advantage does FEDEX receive from their expenditures? How important is IT for gaining a competitive edge?
5. How important is it to manage your IT Applications once you have developed, so you are not handcuffed by them?  Use information from the article to respond.
6. Carter believes in being the innovator in IT, yet it’s cheaper to copy. Explain why you agree or disagree with his strategy.
8. When examining the number of firsts as it relates to IT improvements, what benefit are there to FEDEX vs. competition? Is having a strategy to make using FEDEX easier for shipping customers vs. competition a sustainable goal?
9. In summary:
a. Do you believe as FEDEX does, that IT is a driving force for company growth? If so, how do you balance the investment as it relates to stakeholder theory?
b. Do you believe that being a pioneer with new IT developments gives FEDEX a competitive advantage?  Why?
c. What are your thoughts on FEDEX vision of the future items that are coming in the future?

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