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PGSP11373 Evaluation Research Methods

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PGSP11373 Evaluation Research Methods




Critically review and debate research paradigms in the context of a research question related to an area of your practice.  
Critically review and evaluate research methods from opposing paradigms in the context of a research question related to your profession.
Critically discuss the professional, ethical and practical factors that are relevant to a specific research question.

What topics are you interested in exploring on this module – for your assessment?
Social media and mental health
Create a positive research question and an interpretivist question on the same research topic
A  research question for that topic that fits within an interpretivist paradigm
A  research question for that topic that fits within a positivist paradigm

Understand the difference between positivist and interpretivist paradigms/philosophies
Understand the difference between inductive and deductive strategies
Understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative
Need a slide saying what the gaps in the literature are
Were the aims of the research clear? Were there too many/not enough? Make sure these reflect the two paradigms.
Was the research paradigm justified? Positivist/Interpretivist :Say something about the philosophy of these paradigms and how they fit with the different types of research (quantitative and qualitative).
Make sure these reflect the two paradigms .Was the method of data collection appropriate for the positivist / Interpretivist? Paradigm? was the method of analysis explained?
Say more inclusion and exclusion criteria for potential participants.
Stronger rationale needed for the types of analysis.
Say something about the ethics of the research

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