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Reflective Project Management

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Reflective Project Management

Visual Cultures
Assessment 3 consists of a creative project and reflective essay, which will
be marked together as single piece (i.e. you will receive one overall mark).
Creative project
This assessment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your critical
understanding of an aspect of contemporary visual culture through
creative practice.
Your creative project should reflect on one of more of the themes and
issues in contemporary visual culture explored in this module.
Please note that you must choose a different topic from that which you
discussed in your previously assessed work.
In developing your project, think about the different kinds of media we
have explored on this module and the themes discussed.
The scale of your project will depend on the medium used. If using video,
this should be no more than three minutes long. If using photographs, a
total of five photos are permitted. A webpage should be a single page
(i.e. not an entire site). A poster should be able to fit on one page of A4.
Social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) can
include up to ten posts or entries and should be documented in the form
of screenshots saved as single .pdf file.
Reflective essay
The reflective essay can be understood as a kind of ‘curator’s note’ to
accompany the creative project. Here you will discuss how and why you
undertook this project in relation to the relevant academic literature.
Although this is a short reflective piece of writing it is nonetheless very
important that you include full academic referencing, citing at least two of
the course set readings as well as at least two additional secondary
sources in order to evidence your independent research around the topic.
Submission of assignment: If your creative project is curated online a
working link (including password if the account is private e.g a youtube
channel that is locked) should be provided on the very first page of the
essay, which will need to be uploaded to the dropbox on Mylearning. If
you intend to submit e.g. a photographic piece, please incorporate this
with the essay as a single file for upload. If your creative project is in an
unusual format and you are unsure of how to submit this and the essay,
contact Ed and he will advise you.

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