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TOUR704 Sustainable Tourism Planning And Development

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TOUR704 Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development

1. Provide a brief introduction to the purpose of this document.


Research and state the Vision for the Wynyard Quarter.

Strategic Objectives

Develop your own objectives for the Wynyard Point Precinct (or Tank Farm area). Explain how your objectives align with the Vision and Mission for the Wynyard Quarter, and Auckland Vision 2025 in general.

Stakeholder Analysis(Yan)

This section should analyse the stakeholders of the Wynyard Quarter, and their power and interest in the urban area’s development.

Here, you should:

• Research, identify, and list all possible stakeholders involved in the Wynyard Quarter development
• Describe who these stakeholders are. The, map the power and interest of these stakeholders using Mendelow’s matrix
• Interpret your analysis/findings

Transportation and Accessibility Analysis(Yan)

In this section, analyse the accessibility of the neighbourhood by identifying the current transport modes (e.g., bus, cycling, cars, pedestrians, etc.), entry/exit points, and mobilities within the Wynyard Quarter. In addition, research what are the future transport plans that may affect the accessibility of the Wynyard Quarter.


Provide a brief summary of the report. Conclude with statements to get the authorities to support and fund your project!

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